I want my students to complete XP each week. I used to look at their log reports, but it seems like the assignments feature should make it easier.

I want to be able to set the window - 12:00AM Saturday morning is when it opens, then it closes 11:59PM Friday. Right now, I assign at the end of the school day on Friday and set the due date for the following Saturday. Students who do not complete the current week's work until after school is out on Friday are not getting credit for the current week, but it does go on the following week's assignment. So it tells them (and me) that they are all done for the following week, when they really should have only gotten credit for the current week (and it tells me they did not complete it because it went on next week.)

January 30, 2016


It would be VERY helpful to be able to set a specific time frame for the assignment, rather then having it open as soon as you assign it. And I had to learn that if I wanted my student to complete the assignment by Friday, I had to say it was due by Saturday, or it would be marked late. It would be nice to be able to say, "Complete by Friday at 3pm."

As for your specific issue, it sounds like the only current solution is to not assign the next week's assignment until Saturday morning.

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