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How duolingo chooses the phrase to ask?

Hi there. It seems that in each lesson duolingo chooses randomly the question to ask you. It is completely non effective! For example I've just finished one of the lessons in French Present Time, and I had questions with the word "motiver" - "motivate" at least ten times and always with the same pronoun "Je" - "I". Once, during this lesson, I was asked to translate from English to French the word "undoes", which was never mentioned before.

It is not the first time then I notice that duolingo repeating and repeating to ask you about one particular word/sentence. It would be nice to have "weighted" analysis of our studies: repeat words/phrases more often if you make mistakes with these words/phrases

2 years ago

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That happens to me too. I have noticed though that sometimes during the end of the lesson whichever phrases/words I have learned will show up and I will have to get them right if I want to finish the lesson.

2 years ago