"Nie dostałem rachunku do mojego zamówienia."

Translation:I did not get a bill for my order.

January 30, 2016

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I think using "check" is confusing here, even in the American context. Even in American English, "check" is used only used to mean "bill" in the context of a restaurant, but there is no context here. Out of context "bill" is clearer. I don't understand why "bill" isn't included in the hints.


Totally agree.


As a life-long US citizen, we would never say "check for my order." The most common words for this sentence would be either bill or receipt, depending upon the context. You pay with a check.


"I haven't gotten the check" in American English?


Anything using "check" is already definitely American English! "Bill" is British English.

I think you should be able to say "I haven't got(ten) the check" but there might be some Polish nuance which I am unfamiliar with. Try reporting it as a suggested answer?


wow, I never knew check can mean bill. was so confused by the hint. Learning English every day


I didn't receive the bill of my order was not accepted, why not ? dostać = to get, reach, receive, obtain


But it should be "for my order". "receive" is fine.


Can someone explain me what this sentence means?

English neither Polish are my native tongues, but I'm learning from English to Polish.

But as far as I know, check=thing you pay with; bill = something you have to pay (e.g. electricity bill); receipt = confirmation of transaction.


That's all true, but "check" can also mean the bill, especially in the Restaurant context.

So this sentence means, that you ordered something (online, perhaps?) but didn't get the bill? Frankly, there's something a bit strange to me even in the Polish sentence...


"I haven't gotten a receipt for my order", dlaczego to nie działa?


Wydaje się być poprawne, dodałem.


The female slow audio for Rachunku sounds quite unlike the full speed version?


Musi być gratis.

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