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  5. "Dych chi eisiau diod?"

"Dych chi eisiau diod?"

Translation:Do you want a drink?

January 31, 2016



Wait, why is it diod and not ddiod now? This is getting confusing.


Because "eisiau" doesn't cause a soft mutation but "ga i" does. I'm afraid it is confusing at first but if you stick at it, it starts to make sense. After a while you begin to see the patterns. It's not just the letter D that undergoes a soft mutation. Ga i gi? (May I have a dog), Dych chi eisiau ci? (Do you want a dog?). Ga i fara? (May I have bread?), Dych chi eisiau bara? (do you want bread?). Ga i win? (May I have wine?), Dych chi eisiau gwin? (Do you want wine?), etc.


Thanks, you explained it better than the 'tips and notes'.

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