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"Was it cancer?"

Dịch:Nó đã là ung thư phải không?

2 năm trước

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Phát âm mãi mà không chuẩn đắng lòng hu hu

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Was It cancer, was It cancer, was It cancer, was It cancer, was It cancer, was It cancer, was It cancer, was It cancer, was It cancer

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Có phải là đã bị ung thư không?

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My name is John Darlington, i battled with prostate cancer for 2 years. Until my consultant Dr Ahmed Mustafa from Dubai told me about a cure of another patient who got treated by one of his colleagues in Dubai using cannabis oil. According to Dr Ahmed's story, the treatment lasted for 3 and halve months. So, he said i too can be treated by this same method. So, he contacted his colleague and he came down to discuss how this can be done. I was placed on four months treatment. This happened early 2017 and now i can confidently say i am free from any cancerous cells. Although i still go for routine check up, but no trace of cancer cells. if you want to contact Dr Ahmed Mustafa on this, send him a mail on cureforcancerinitiative@gmail.com or visit the website for more enquiries www.cannabis-cure4cancer.intelbis.com

2 tháng trước