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"Глубина реки около десяти метров."

Translation:The depth of the river is about ten meters.

January 31, 2016



Why not "approximately ten meters"?


They do mean the same thing, though stylistically "approximately" is a different level than "about". The equivalent in Russian would be приблизительно (десять метров). Who knows if that's what the course designers were aiming for or not, though :\


Yes, that's about it. Около десяти метров, примерно десять метров and приблизительно десять метров are all possible phrasings (theoretically speaking). The last one nicely maps onto a more formal "approximately 10 m". Even the number of letters in "приблизительно" and "approximately" is about the same.


That's one deep ass river!


Wrong pronounciation. Correct is рекИ.


So when is kilometer in the genitive plural case ending and in the masculine accusative singular ending?


The preposition около requires genitive case (this is why десять is also in genitive).

Additionally, numbers themselves affect the nouns they describe. Один километр (nominative singular), два/три/четыре километра (genitive singular), пять/шесть/семь/восемь/девять/десять километров (genitive plural).

An example where you'd use accusative singular with kilometer might be to say that you walked one kilometer (я прошел один километр пешком).


"The river is nearly ten meters deep." Why not?


"Nearly" means "almost" — "почти".


'Nearly' means it is almost but <10m, and 'about' means ~10m


It depends: close can be used also when you are approaching a given value ... "i.e. our stock is close to zero" . So it doesn't imply you are short.


Why isn't Instrumental used here, as we speak about a river of a certain depth?


Why do you say meters ? A meter is an object that is used to measure something. The distance is a metre


These two words are spelt the same in American English—which we consistently use in this course (well, to the best of our abilities—we only have one American in the team).


"The depth of the river is close to ten meters"? That was literal and marked wrong. As a native speaker, I might reword and say, "the river was close to 10 meters deep." Would this be a bad translation?


Maybe this is just me, but when I hear "close to" with measurements, the suggestion is generally that it's a little bit short.


'never cross a river if it is on average four feet deep.'

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