"Why does she write a book?"

Translation:Dlaczego ona pisze książkę?

January 31, 2016

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    Is there a difference between this and "dlaczego ona książkę pisze"? I was under the impression that Polish had freer word order than english. In any case the latter was marked as an error.


    there is the difference, but small one that is not easly translatable to English. Should be accepted.

    If you want to know the differece- Depending on context - she either is supposed to dictate it not write/ or she is supposed to write short essay not a book.

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      Thanks! That is what I suspected but since it marked me wrong I figured maybe it's just wrong.

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      That word order sounds very unnatural. Duolingo is right in rejecting it, since it's better not to learn that way.

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        Lol, two conflicting answers, now I have no idea what's right and wrong


        The answer given by duo is correct one and most natural. The order you wrote is not as common, but just how weird it sounds may depend on a person listening/reading, it might be regional thing or something.

        I guess it is better to learn the most common sentence.

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          Why not dlaczego?


          "Dlaczego" is the 'best answer', actually. "dlaczego" and "czemu" are totally interchangeable.

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