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  5. "When do you eat breakfast?"

"When do you eat breakfast?"

Translation:Kiedy jecie śniadanie?

January 31, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Is there a difference between this and "kiedy śniadanie jesz"? What are the rules for word order in Polish


    a) jesz is you singular eat, jecie is you plural eat

    b) kiedy śniadanie jecie is gramatically correct but feels weird/uncommon and I cannot right now imagine context for it

    c) "normal" word order, when there are all nouns no pronouns, no skipped pronouns: Subject Verb Object

    question : Question word Subject Verb Object

    when subject is skipped sometimes adverbs or object go first, when object is pronoun it's position often changes, so it is not left at the end.

    Most word order changes keep sentences grammatically correct but emphasise some words, or give "poetic feel". Unbreakable rules include nor splitting "nie" and verb, and not splitting preposition with an object ( noun, pronoun, adjective+noun etc- in me, on black door, about my sister, with what )

    [deactivated user]


      I'm so confused. Why is it not Kiedy czy zy jesz śniadanie?


      Guessing that this "zy" was supposed to be "ty"?

      Anyway: "czy" is used in yes/no questions. This is not such a question.


      This is weird, bc 'you' has two meanings in English (one person 'you' and more persons 'you'), so that is confusing when picking the right pronoun, so actually both answers are correct.


      Yes, in 99% of the cases, both "ty" (singular) and "wy" (plural) will be equally correct. Unfortunately, English is ambiguous here...


      Why does it sat ty ty?


      What do you mean? There's no "ty ty" here.

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