"Dydd Gwener dw i'n mynd i Aberdaron."

Translation:On Friday, I'm going to Aberdaron.

January 31, 2016



Wouldn't 'On Friday I'm going to Aberdaron' sound as a more natural translation than 'Friday I'm going to Aberdaron'? Additionally the emphatic structure might be a bit confusing to English speakers outside of Wales. I imagine for most of us the more natural translation would be 'I am going to Aberdaron on Friday'

January 31, 2016


Just thought "I'm going to Aberdaron on Friday" has the same meaning as "Friday I'm going to Aberdaron".

August 1, 2017


I wrote it like that and marked me wrong, wouldn't it be wrong to mark it wrong? I mean, it really has the same meaning

August 23, 2017


i am going to aberdaron on friday would seem to be a much better translation and should be acceptable

August 4, 2017


The highest statistical probability in English would be ' I am going to Aberdaron on Friday'. But in Welsh the verb usually comes first unless something else is being emphasized so we can presume Friday (not Thursday or Wednesday) is implied. ' Friday I'm going to Aberdaron ' might do although 'On Friday' gives the needed emphasis, doesn't it?

August 22, 2017
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