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Add "focus" words to practise, or compile "practice lists"

Hello! As I reached around 1/3 of the way through the French lessons, there were certain words and phrases that just weren't sticking with me (e.g., je m'en vais, ça se peut). To deal with these, I'm current making some flashcards to help, but what would be really tremendous would be one or both of the following:

1) Focus words/sentences. While doing an exercise, it would be great to "star" a word or sentence. This word/sentence would then get special attention in a practice session.

2) Custom practice sets. On the vocabulary page, I'd love to be able to create practice "playlists"—lists of words/sentences that I can build up and then get quizzed on in different configurations.

Just a couple ideas for an already amazing program!

January 15, 2013



Thanks! We may be doing something like this.


Great, glad to hear. I look forward to it.

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