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Download magazine Esperanto (Dec 2015)

Just wanted to let you know that you can now download the PDF of the magazine Esperanto about Duolingo from Dec 2015. Just go to http://uea.org/revuoj and use the password: lernanto


January 31, 2016



If you are having trouble opening this, which I did here is the fix. Open up the PDF in a text editor (I used Notepad++). Remove Lines 1 through 94 (it will be slow since it is a big document). So your new line one should start with %PDF-1.7. Now save the file.


Se vi uzas la pasvorton 'lernanto', ja estas senpaga. Tamen, pro ia kialo, la plimulto de 'PDF' programoj kiujn mi provis ne povas malfermi la dosieron. #KOR

If you use the password 'lernanto' it is indeed free. However, for some reason, the majority of PDF programs that I tried cannot open the file.


Yes, it is! Just use the password amuzulu provided.

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