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  5. "Eres rico."

"Eres rico."

Translation:You are rich.

January 15, 2013

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I have been told by native Spanish speakers that rico/rica means tasty. Any thoughts?


It can mean both "wealthy/rich" and "tasty". When talking about a person, though, it means "wealthy/rich", since a person is usually not tasty.

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    In Chile it can also mean sexy/hot!


    Chicarica is basically one word there :P

    But rico/a was probably the most common word I heard people use for describing delicious food. It can also be used for, say, soil. Good, rich soil. ¿Los chistes pueden ser ricos también en español?


    Yes it is a also used as common slang.

    Tu eres rico papi! / rica mami! means "You are sexy!"

    Example: In English, you may hear someone say "that's cool" referring to something they like or agree with. They don't literally mean that whatever they are talking about is "icy to the touch."

    OK so:

    Rico/a = can mean:



    Good Quality/ Consistency


    Depending on the context, and maybe where you hail from. But my Latin American friends have all used the word as the slang term for Hot/Sexy too.

    I don't know about in Spain, though, or all Spanish speaking countries. I am only going off the people I know that use it this way..


    I hope I'm not the only one who is reminded of Gerardo by this conversation.


    Using rico for food is like saying in English that 'the food is rich in flavor', meaning tasty or good.


    My Spanish teacher (from Peru) uses "Que rico" quite often. There is no food in the classroom. Sometimes it almost seems like she uses it interchangeably with Que bonita. It's seems like an idiom such as "Top of the line" or "Very classy" to me. And to reinforce what Monolithic wrote, I just spoke with a Colombiana last week who used Que rico several times in conversation.


    The phrase " Que rico." Was explained to me as the Spanish Equivalent Phrase for: "crème de la crème" = the best of the best..

    So, I agree with you.


    In Colombia "Que rico" is used a lot, it more or less seems to mean "it's nice", usually referring to the temperature at the time.


    If I say this to a female, would it be" Eres rica."?


    Yes, but beware: this can also mean she has a good body (in a naughty way).


    Or simply be aware.

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