"November is not a week."

Translation:Listopad to nie tydzień.

January 31, 2016

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What a weird declension.


I had only "nie jest" to choose from, meaning that i had to go with: "Listopad nie jest [tydzień in instrumental]". I was surprised to see the only instumental choice was tygodniem. Why does tydzień get the root "tygod-" when declined?


Thanks! Interesting discussion in the link.


Why can't I say "Listopad nie jest tydzien" here and have to say "Listopad to nie jest tydzien" instead?


I recommend reading defining tips and notes https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pl/Defining


This is so frustrating. I hate when we are expected to know declensions without first being taught. Of course, i should have used the to nie form, but geez....... How am i supposed to know this intuitively


The appropriate form of the word should be displayed on top in the hints... so it's like with the basic form of the word as well, there is no way for you to know that at first unless you either check, or you fail the exercise.


In the Duo dictionary the suggested word is "tygodniowo". What declension is this? I didn't find it in my declension table.

I didn't test it, I wrote "tygodniem"


Well, good call with not testing it, it doesn't suit the sentence ;) This is a well-known problem with hints built on 2+ words always appearing on top.

"tygodniowo" is an adverb. It works for "a week" not as a noun phrase (as here), but as a phrase which means the same as "per week". So "Płacę za jedzenie trzysta złotych tygodniowo" = "I pay for the food 300 złoty a week".

I added other forms of the noun "tydzień" as hints for the phrase "a week", so the correct one should always appear on top for every sentence with this phrase.


Thank you for the explanation :o)

And many special thanks, because in this course I always get explanations from the mods very quick. Thank you all for your work!


Always happy to help :)

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