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"Rwyt ti'n gwrando ar gerddoriaeth."

Translation:You are listening to music.

January 31, 2016



Does the 'ar' without the article always trigger soft mutation?


Yes it is one of twelve that do so. They are At(At) Ar(On) Am(For) Dan(Under) Dros(Over) Drwy(Through) Heb(Without) I(To) O(From) Gan(With) Wrth(From) Hyd(Along). Translations are general since prepositions don't translate very well.


Since often prepositions don't follow logic, such as in "I heard the news/music on the radio"; if anything logically it should be in the radio or from/out of/off the radio (though we do sometimes say we hear some news off the radio, to be fair, though not music).


Yes, I can see how you'd do that, but remember "Clywed" is "To hear", and "Gwrando (ar)" is "To listen (to)".


Well, that wasn't really the important part of the comment – originally I was just going to write "on the radio" – but I do keep forgetting the word "clywed", probably because I haven't come across an interesting sentence with it in yet.

Come to think of it though, it does seem strange to use a preposition in gwrando ar and listen to, since if you said I'm listening music no-one would not understand what you meant, just like saying I'm going Twickenham (I hear this a lot in Twickenham), and the action neither takes place on music nor does it move anything to music...

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