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"I am eating the bread without milk."

Translation:Ekmeği sütsüz yiyorum.

January 31, 2016



If sütsüz is modifying ekmek (thus working as an adjetive) shouldn't it be before the subject?


Sütsüz is modifying the verb "yiyorum" here. What's meant is "I am eating bread, and I am not drinking milk" and not "I am eating milk-free bread". If the latter was meant, the sentence would be "sütsüz ekmek yiyorum".


Turkish seems not to be that hard in the first glance!! :D


Why is it ekmeği rather than ekmek? We'd write ekmek yiyorum so if the sütsüz isn't modıfyıng ekmek then what is?


Bread takes the accusative here, thus "ekmeği".

I am eating the bread without milk -> "Ekmeği sütsüz yiyorum"

I am eating bread without milk -> "Ekmek sütsüz yiyorum"

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