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"There is no cinema in my district."

Translation:Nie ma kina w mojej dzielnicy.

January 31, 2016



"Nie ma kina w mojej okolicy" should also be a valid answer


Usually district refers to an administrative division or a part of a city. Dzielnica is an administrative division of a city, although it can be also used informally for any significant part of a city.

Okolica is more like surroundings, vicinity, neighbourhood.


Maybe but the sentence is so unnatural in Polish.


Why? My district (Białołęka, Warsaw) actually doesn't have a real cinema. Should be here in about two months. You can see a movie at some organized screenings, but it's not technically a cinema.

The word order "W mojej dzielnicy nie ma kina" seems more probable to me, though.


Is " W mojej dzielnicy nie ma kina" a valid answer or does it mean something slitghly different?


I'd say it is more natural than "Nie ma kina w mojej dzielnicy." (at least to me).


Interesting, one of the questions following this one is "W moim mieście jest zamek". So it would be natural to say "W moim mieście jest zamek" but we'd say "Nie ma zamku w moim mieście"?


In my opinion both "w moim mieście jest zamek", and "w moim mieście nie ma zamku" are more natural.

And you might have missed it but I wrote "w mojej dzielnicy nie ma kina" is more natural.


Oh, I did misread that! Sorry about that! :)


I'd say that it's more natural to expect a cinema in your city than a castle, so "There's no castle in my city" will be less used than "There is a castle in my city" - not many situations when you need to state there isn't one ;)


"w mojej dzielnicy" is "locative", correct? The endings "moJEJ dzielnicY" appeared Genitive to me.


Locative, true - although yes, Genitive would look the same.


...and no double negative?


Okay, so what I wrote you in another comment wasn't exactly right. What I thought about then, were... more complicated negations. I edited that comment. Generally, if that's simple "This is not X", "He does not X", "There is no X", it's just a singular negation.

If there's 'no one', 'nowhere', 'never' and similar, I believe that will always be a double negative.

Here it is one of the simple ones, and there isn't even a place where a second negation could possibly be put.


"W mojej dystrykcie nie ma kina" was marked wrong...


Cool, so everything's correct ;) "dystrykt" exists in Polish, but it's a very unusual word. We don't call districts in our cities like that.

Besides, it's masculine, so the grammatically correct way to say it would be "W moim dystrykcie nie ma kina".

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