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  5. "I like North America."

"I like North America."

Translation:Dw i'n hoffi Gogledd America.

January 31, 2016



Gogledd / De + America:

Why is it all of a sudden that adj. precedes the noun? An exception?


Certain adjectives do precede the noun but the vast majority come after the noun.


Is this word order particular to "North" used as part of a proper name, or to cardinal points in general?


Since posting this I have had something pointed out to me that somewhat contradicts what I stated above. In truth "Gogledd" is a noun (Gogleddol being the adjectival form) and in conjuction with a place it forms a genitive structure i.e "Gogledd America" most closely translates to "The North of America" but the usual construction for this in English is "North America" (And as such is the one accept in the course). To answer your actual question, the same structure is used for all cardinal points, "De America" (South America), "De-ddwyrain Asia" (South east Asia: though note in Welsh "Asia" is pronounced "Asha").

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