"Ce sont mes fils."

Translation:They are my sons.

January 15, 2013

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Is the plural of "fils" supposed to sound different? The audio sounds like "files" (which should be correct, since this is the objects category), but it's written "fils".


When talking about "son" or "sons", the French words are "fils" (son) and "fils" (sons). No spelling or pronunciation change. The word "fils" (son/sons) should be pronounced FIS. Pronounce the "s", don't pronounce the "l". As for this example, the audio does NOT match the English sentence. The audio sounds as though they are looking for the translation "They are my threads". The word "fils" (pronounce the "l", not the "s") means threads or strings. Hope you aren't too confused now!

Edit: Duo is well aware of the problem (see Remy's post), please don't report it anymore.

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We are aware of this problem.

Fixing the audio problems is not trivial, that's why we could not fix these problems so far. We are keeping track of them, and we'll fix them as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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No, I understand it perfectly, thanks for the explanation. =)


It's funny how "They are my sons" and "These are my strings" translate to the same French sentence. These two almost mean the same... almost.


Shouldn't it be "ces sont" rather than "ce sont"?

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"Ces sont.." is grammatically incorrect: you can only use "ces" when it is followed by a noun.

  • ex: "Ces enfants sont mes fils."
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