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  5. "Pam penwythnos nesa?"

"Pam penwythnos nesa?"

Translation:Why next weekend?

January 31, 2016



It seems that penwythnos = pen (?) + wyth ("eight") + nos ("night")


Yeah that's correct, so "End of eight nights"


A week is seven nights though... so did wales use to have 8-night weeks?


Actually a week has 8 nights, but most people forget that we start the week half way through one night and finish it half way through another.


It's a casualty of Ancient Roman counting, who brought the concept of weeks to the ancient Britons: Sunday night was actually considered both the eight night of the previous week as well as the first night of the next. Blame the lack of a zero muddling up everyone's arithmetic.

When Julius Caesar reformed the calendar, people would mess up adding a leap day every third year, because they would go "second year, third year, fourth year, add a day; secod year, third year, fourth year, add a day..." This had to be sorted out during Augustus's time, if memory serves.


Spanish also counts 8 days. Every week is Cada ocho dias, as well as cada semana. Think about it, the same day next week is the eighth day.


are 'nesa' and 'nesaf' completely interchangeable?


Final f in Literary Welsh is dropped in Colloquial Welsh. You also get adref and adre, and pentref and pentre. It doesn't mean anything in particular!

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