"Moja siostra jest sekretarką."

Translation:My sister is a secretary.

January 31, 2016

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Hoping women can be something more than secretaries in these lessons!


I love Slavic languages for feminitives ♥


Why not "Moja siostra jest sekretarzem"?


well Polish has sekretarka for female secretary, but for the very high position like "Secretary of State" the female person in this position would be Sekretarz Stanu,

but with sentence like

this my sister is a secretary - moja siostra jest sekretarką

my brother is a secretary - mój brat jest sekretarzem


Thanks! I was confused because that looked an awful lot like an accusative form


accusative would be feminine- sekretarkĘ, masculine - sekretarzA


I still dont if I can distinguish "y" from "e". To me, "y" sounds like the French "é" and "e" like the French "è". Am i wrong believing this?


I don't think secretary is used any more as a job description. Most are now administrative assistants or administrators, although receptionist is still used. Is there a separate Polish title for these?


asystentka, recepcjonistka... sure.


School secretary is still used


The female voice sounds as if there is another syllable in the Polish word for secretary; it sounds like it says "sekretariką" with another vowel sound between the second R and K. Am I missing something about the pronunciation?


Well, if you hear a sound that you don't see in writing, then that does not sound correct. Once you learn how Polish is pronounced, there aren't really such surprises.

To my ear it sounds like she stops for a fraction of a second after "sekretar-", which I guess could be interpreted as adding some slight vowel, but I don't think this audio is bad in general.


Kobiety mogą być sekretarkami, inżynierkami...

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