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"Gwisg ysgol"

Translation:A school uniform

January 31, 2016



Should 'schoolwear' be admissible?


I thought that 'gwisg' was similar to 'wear' or 'attire' too, but can it also be translated as 'uniform'?


Yes, it should! Gwisg = "wear" (or "dress", in the general sense of "raiment / attire / apparel").


School clothes would be "dillad ysgol". Some schools don't have uniforms. So "schoolwear" may be a uniform or not.


See, here it is again. It accepted my answer of "school clothes", yet when it comes down to "Dych chi'n gwisgo gwis ysgol?", it won't accept "Are you wearing school clothes?" as an answer. :^/


I don't think that "school clothes" should ever be accepted for "school uniform", since not all schools require uniforms. School uniforms are school clothes, but school clothes are not always school uniforms.


You are correct, but that's not the point. There needs to be clarification in the translation because in English we would use the article or possessive: "Are you wearing a/your/someone's/etc. school uniform?". I think the problem is figuring out contextually when does "school clothes" become "uniform".


That is right. "Dych chi'n gisgo gwis ysgol?" is "Do you wear a school uniform?" Please understand that "are wearing" would be done differently in Welsh as they have their own form that translates to our present progressive. There is no indefinite article in Welsh, so when one is needed in the English translation we must just put it in. "school clothes" is "dillad ysgol". "school clothes" should be incorrect for "gwisg ysgol", but Duolingo was generous at our first glimpse of the word. We could report it as not correct if you feel it is misleading for later in the full sentence.


...You meant Welsh (not Irish, at least not for this question here), right... X^D


Yes, of course ! Thank you for catching that.


Also, just a question: It looks like you're Level 5 in Catalan. But...where is that course???


I am learning Catalan from Spanish which is the only language that it is available from at this time.


SWEET, thanks for the tip! :^D


This keeps coming up saying I have entered school uniformo, which I haven't I've entered school uniform numerous times but it won't accept my correct answer. It won't let me finish the test!!! v. Frustrating!!


There was a typo in the accepted answers, now fixed as a result of a report already in the system. The correction may take a little while to filter through the system.

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