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  5. "Mi wnaeth e weld fy mrawd i."

"Mi wnaeth e weld fy mrawd i."

Translation:He saw my brother.

January 31, 2016



I don't get this sentence.


There's two common ways of forming the simple past yn Gymraeg: either using the conjugated form of the verb gwneud followed by the verb-noun (as in this case); or by conjugating the stem of the verb-noun. In the the latter case, Gwelodd e fy mrawd i would be the same as this example.

In current Welsh for Adults courses, the gwneud system is used mostly in the North, and the conjugated verb stems is used in the South, but both forms are heard all over Wales: the difference in taught forms is down to choices made in coursebooks written in the 1980s.


Which part?/ In what ways?

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