"He is not my friend, he is an acquaintance."

Translation:On nie jest moim przyjacielem, on jest moim znajomym.

January 31, 2016

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low key fluent in Polish and accidentally wrote kolega instead of przyjaciel and it didn't take it as a correct answer even though it technically is


Well technically it's not. "Kolega" is a very vague word. Frankly, someone from your school is your "kolega" even if you don't like him. And "przyjaciel" is indeed a close friend.


well sure, but we usually use kolega instead of przyjaciel. Like colloquially kolega is correct, but I guess if you're speaking Polish correctly it isn't :P


I think it is just because "Kolega" is more common than the English equivalent. I don't think it is used as friend but sometimes Americans, for some reason, don't like to call someone from class or work a colleague. Usually we say a coworker or a classmate. Sometimes people say friend very loosely, true…


I don't know, maybe it all depends on where you were raised and all. I've never really heard my parents talk about someone as a kolega if they don't consider them a friend. Could also be that I don't know Polish as well as a Polish Ameriacn should and that's why I'm on Duolingo xD


Good point. I guess it is hard to know without being advanced in both and being familiar with half a billion English speakers and virtually all of Poland xD


Why is "..., on jest znajomy." wrong, but "On jest dorosły" correct?


You can interpret "dorosły" both as an adjective (in your example) and a noun. Although "On jest dorosłym" (treating it as a noun) does sound strange. I guess it's mostly an adjective.

"Znajomy" also can be interpreted both these ways, but it's mostly a noun. You could say "znajomy mężczyzna", but mostly you will just say "znajomy" (to mój znajomy, twoi znajomi, znajoma mojej siostry), treating it as a noun. "On jest znajomy" on its own sounds even stranger than "On jest dorosłym".

EDIT: Well, I guess that as an adjective you'd translate "znajomy" to "familiar", and as a noun to "an acquaintance".


this was confusing. The English word "my" should be added...."He is not my friend, he is my acquaintance".


Well, true, that may be a bit confusing. Changed to 'my'.

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