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"Pigen designer tøj onsdag og torsdag."

Translation:The girl designs clothes Wednesday and Thursday.

January 31, 2016



"The girl designs clothes Wednesday and Thursday." is very awkward for me. You have to include the "on" between clothes and WEDNESDAY


Yes, I agree. As a result, I put that in and it was accepted.


using the word bank the leftover words were; red juice runs, goodbye. creepy lol


I feel the need of a preposition. I put "on" before Wednesday and it came out wrong.


I did the same


Yes, it feels better in your native language, but remember, this is a foreign language with different rules, quirks and stuff. Just accept it, and learn.


Yes, but in this case we were asked to translate into English, and certainly in British English, "on" is required. If we had to translate word-for-word into English, then people learning French would have to write nonsense English like "I am wearing a trouser"!


Agree on is correct in uk english


Why isnt this "om onsdagen og om tordagen?"


Does it mean she only does it once on each day, not every week?


I'm guessing that in Danish they accept the singular to be used for the plural sometimes (as it has happened before with frugt). But not sure if that or just issues with the English translation of it.

[deactivated user]

    Oh, now i get it. The name of the clothes that she designs is "Onsdag" and "Tirsdag". That is the reason there is no preposition.


    Would this sentence be accepted in Danish with the preposition "om"?

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