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  5. "No, I don't have a dragon."

"No, I don't have a dragon."

Translation:Nac oes, does dim draig gyda fi.

January 31, 2016



i was taught to say nac oes does dim .......... gyda fi . however this course doesnt recognise it and keeps saying am wrong,


That should be accepted. Report answers that you strongly believe to be correct.


I've just been marked as correct for this answer, so it has been corrected now


What's the difference between Nac oes and Nac ydw?


Nac ydw = No (I am not)

Nac oes = No (there is not)

Remember that "I have" in Welsh is usually expressed as "There is ... with me", so "yes" and "no" answers to "Is there ... with you?" (Do you have ...?) must be expressed as "yes (there is)" or "no (there is not)".


I translated it as "Na nid oes ddraig gennyf" which was marked incorrect, but I suspect that it is an acceptable alternative?

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