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French Club Ideas

I am in charge of my school's cultural French Club. Does anyone have any ideas of activities we could do?

January 31, 2016



Hi! That is exciting, can you tell us more about the club? What's the grade, and what has been done in the past that was fun? For example, could competitions work in your club? Are you the "teacher" of the club using Duolingo for Schools?


It's a middle school club. A group of eighth graders, including myself, are in charge. So far, we haven't done a lot. It's not to be teaching French, just enhancing what we know about the culture through activities & games.


Oh, if you are looking for ideas beyond using Duolingo for Schools to track each other, I recommend asking in the French for English speakers forum. They are often sharing cultural information, songs and videos with each other. :]


communicating is one of my gold if we can do that I would be so happy


I'm sorry, I don't quite understand.

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