"Galwn ni heibio nes ymlaen."

Translation:We will call by later on.

February 1, 2016

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I've never come across the expression 'I will call past' - perhaps 'I will call when passing' or something similar. The other option 'I will call by' makes more sense.


Just to make this clear for a confused American: "Ffonio" means to call someone on the phone. Does "galw" usually mean to pay someone a visit?


From one American to another,

'Ffonio' means literally to phone, as in 'I will phone you later.'

'Galw' can mean a number of things (http://geiriadur.bangor.ac.uk/#galw&sln=cy), but in this instance, it means 'to call'. You can call someone in many ways - through the phone, paying a visit, etc.

Hope that helps! :)


What does "by"/"heibio" mean here? I don't understand it in either language...


It means like, to go to their house .


I translated this as 'We will call past later' but it was 'later on' - could it be either?

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