"Czy ta kobieta jest stara?"

Translation:Is this woman old?

February 1, 2016

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It wouldn't be 'Is this the woman who is old, then?


How dare you! XD


can you help clarify for me.. i understand the sentence and know how to translate it, but im confused with "Czy" meaning. hovering over it shows it as "is/or/will" and then "jest" is also "is" so when i read it out in my head which i know is wrong i read it as "is this woman is old?" which i of course know is wrong, i just dont understand what im missing, i think i dont understand "Czy" all that well


Czy can have several meanings, depending on its position in the sentence and the context.

In the beginning of a question it's a so called optional interrogative particle, or polar question marker, if you will. It does not translate directly to English, however, we can try to approximate its meaning by: "is it true that...".


Dziękuję bardzo! That makes alot more sense to me now


Well, if you have to ask...


how dare you? you have stolen my childhood! :'(


Why not "This woman is old?"


For questions, we try to accept a declarative word order like yours - but only when there is no "czy" in the sentence.

If there's no "czy", you can interpret the question as "What?! This woman is old? She looks no more than 40!"

If you start with "czy", it really is a yes/no question.


Just wanna throw out there that I really enjoy the explanations you give of things. You've helped clarify a good amount of how Polish works as a language.


"Is this woman this old"? That's what I made out of the sentence.


Well, that's not what the Polish sentence says.


"Jest stara" is kind of difficult to pronounce. Is that a serious mistake to pronounce it like "jesstara"?

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