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  5. "Jadę na wakacje."

"Jadę na wakacje."

Translation:I am going on vacation.

February 1, 2016



I am going on holidays is also valid


No, it isn't - that'd be "jadę na wakacji". "I'm going on holiday" would be fine, however.


No, "jadę na wakacji" is not correct. "Wakacje" are always plural in Polish.


Oh, like Drzwi? Good to know, thanks!


Yes and like holidays. Besides you used a wrong case. "Na" takes Locative when something is on something. In this case it's "na" + Accusative because you go to holidays. You could say: "Jestem na wakacjach" (I am on holidays).


Back 75 years ago we said, ja ide na wakacje, Correct or not"


Sounds strange to my ear. "idę" is going on foot, so it is as if you went to the nearby town on foot for your vacations, but that would be a surprising thing to say even then... it sounds more as if you were talking about 'taking a vacation from work', but that's rather "urlop".


"Na" is the preposition used with all the following sentences: I am at the station. I am going on vacation. I am going to the airport. I am riding a motorcycle. is it safe to assume that na is the preposition to use when dealing with travel/transportation?


Unfortunately, it's not safe. There are too many things to take into consideration here.

As for being somewhere (at the station), you can either use "na" + Locative or "w" + Locative. The general rule would be that "na" is used with more... open spaces (na stacji, na lotnisku), and "w" with closed ones (w sklepie, w szkole). But the number of exceptions will not be small, so that is just a very general rule of thumb.

Similarly, when going somewhere, you can either use "na" + Accusative or "do" + Genitive. The rule of thumb is the same and is also not very strict. "na stację", "na lotnisko", "do sklepu", "do szkoły".

"Jadę na wakacje"... well, it's just a fixed phrase. "Jadę na motorze" - well, you are 'on' a motorcycle when you ride it, right? So it is literally 'on'. Similarly 'na rowerze'. But if you take a car or a bus, you are not 'on' it but 'in it'. You rather won't say "Jadę w autobusie" (I am going/riding in a bus), you will say "Jadę autobusem" - use Instrumental, as you 'use' the bus like some kind of an 'instrument'.


Could this be translated as, "I driving for the vacation" as in, "i am driving for the vacation, as my mom is a terrible driver" or is it more of a known statement that means "im going on vacation" no matter what?


I think this really is the "I'm going on vacation" one. Your interpretation would have to be more specific in Polish.


"I am going for vacation" should also be accepted.

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