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"The boy is touching the tomato."

Translation:Chłopiec dotyka pomidora.

February 1, 2016



Is dotykac Kogo/co or kogo/czego?


kogo/czego? "Dotykać" is used with Genitive.


According to wiktionary "pomidora" is also the colloquial accusative form for "pomidor". Also, the meaning of "dotyka" can change depending on case.

This left me wondering if he touched the tomato physically or emotionally?


Wiktionary may call it 'colloquial', but in fact it is probably the only one you're likely to hear. I have literally never heard the 'proper' Accusative form outside of discussions about grammar ;)

Well... so in theory this could be both ;) But frankly, I think the 'emotional' one is rarely used with anything else than pronouns.


Again please, why does the tomato become plural? Is it because it's an action verb?


There is no plural here; it is genitive because that is how "dotykać" works.


In Portuguese this sentence is so hilarious, it would be like saying in Polish "chłopiec dotyka jajka"

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