"To whom do we go for dinner?"

Translation:Do kogo idziemy na obiad?

February 1, 2016

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Dinner is kolacja, obiad is lunch!


check tips and notes for "food 1"


how do you translate kolacja, then? I mean, the last meal of the day is kolacja, isnt it? I lived in poland for a year and a meal past 6pm was never called an obiad.


Yes, but it is English that has messes our clean cut time of meal system- You have dinner whenever you want and we don't know if you mean obiad and kolacja.

From what I understand I should call my "drugie śniadanie" - a sandwich at noon - lunch, my "obiad" - two courses at 16 "dinner" and my"kolacja" yogurt at 20 "supper".

From tips and notes food1 Vocabulary: obiad and kolacja

Obiad is the main meal of the day, usually eaten around midday (12AM to 4PM). It is usually translated as lunch (because of the time of the day when it is eaten), sometimes as dinner (since it is the main meal which is often eaten socially – with family members, in a restaurant etc.)

Kolacja is a medium-sized evening meal, usually eaten between 6PM and 9PM. Again, since the conventions for naming a meal of this kind in English vary, it can be translated in two ways: as dinner or supper.


Not really - polish and english meals aren't exactly the same (time, amount of food eaten) so there is room for interpretation.

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