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  5. "I want a white dress."

"I want a white dress."

Translation:Dw i eisiau ffrog wen.

February 1, 2016



what the heck is dwi i eisiau ? and why is it right?


"Dwi eisiau" is correct and "Dw i eisiau" is correct. "Dwi i eisiau" is incorrect since you only need one of the "i"s.


This is what I thought however it appears that the 'Dwi i eisiau' version is also correct according to the results. I thought it was odd.


Hmm well that is definitely a mistake but I'm not sure how to report is an alternative answer is wrong.


Why is gwyn wrong?


Also, gwyn becomes gwen when it's feminine, I think? It marked me correct for "Dw i eisiau ffrog wen," at least; kind of perplexed why this isn't mentioned in the Tips for this lesson. (Melyn and gwyrdd similarly become melen and gwerdd, I believe.)


Adjectives soft-mutate after feminine nouns, and g soft-mutates by dropping.


Ok, so white is gwyn, except when it is gwen or wen (holding only 2 of the same letters). How many words are there for each colour, before I start trying to learn what may be relevant?

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