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100 Days of French!

Bonjour tout le monde!

I am really proud of myself today because I have done French for 100 consecutive days! Folks, Duolingo works! My French has improved light years in the last 100 days, I have improved my progress tests from 1.0 to 4.7, and I have gone from Translation tier 1 to tier 5! I have the help of an Awesome French Penpal from Conversation Exchange, and I found a meetup group of Francophiles near my town. I really feel like the next 100 days of Duolingo will improve my French just as much as the last 100 days did. I remember when I first started on Duolingo, seeing people who were level 20 and had extended streaks, 60 days seemed daunting at the time. I remember thinking, "How the hell do they do that?" Well, Now I'm that guy, and I hope I help some Newbie with this post.

Work hard, keep it fun, make mistakes, and give yourself a break! Learn to speak well, not perfectly. Merci beaucoup!

February 1, 2016



Well done, Skepticstate, less 'skeptic' about Duo's method as it seems!


Not about Duolingo, no. Bigfoot, Nessie, Ghosts, and chupacabra... Yes.... Although I'm not skeptical about whether C'thulu will devour mankind, he definitely will :)


Congratulations! And I definitely agree with the taking a break part, as it definitely helps.

I wish you the best in your continued learning of French!


I think what I meant by give yourself a break was more to be patient with yourself when you don't do things perfectly, however it is also important to give yourself a break from the work. Sometimes I purposely get only enough XP to extend my streak and then call it a day. So I guess "Give yourself a break has two meanings in this case."


Great to read your post. My goal is to be like you. I live in a bilingual community, and my girlfriend's family is French Canadian, so learning to speak french is important to me. Thanks to the Duolingo, I know more french than I ever have, so I'll continue working. THEN, when I stop procrastinating, I'll speak Franglais (french with english) in the house.


Woot! I cracked 121 days today. It's loads of fun


Bon travail , je suis toujours mal du fran├žais

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