"La liga"

January 15, 2013


Worth mentioning: the top flight of the Spanish football league is colloquially known as "La Liga" abroad, at least in the UK.

The garter? I have never heard of this word before in the league context :)) what does it mean? How comes there is no option of "The league"?

I just googled this to try to see what on earth "garter" has to do with "league". The only thing of relevance I found was something about a "Lingerie Football League" in Toronto.

Hahahaha, You are artist of humor

"Garter snake" or garter belt but I have never heard of garter having any other use. Maybe sports nuts hear this term watching EPSN all day long.

Actually I think liga can also be rubber band

I use liga for rubber band

Yes, in Mexico they use "liga" for rubber band. I guess that is where they are getting garter from...something stretchy that holds stuff together. But VERY strange in this section.

If this is the sports category, why are they looking for the garter?

Wow, NONE uses the word garter... what did they do, plug an automated translator in for this chapter?

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