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"Я люблю пробовать разные торты."

Translation:I like to try different cakes.

February 1, 2016



I wrote, I love to try different cakes. It said, I like to try different cakes.!! Люблю is the same as love, not like!!!!!


I agree--there is a systematic problem with Duolingo not accepting люблю for "love."


Я люблю пробовать только шоколадные торты.


"Various" should work too.


"I love trying different cakes" still consideres incorrect as of January 22nd, 2020

If the Russian Duolingo team ever responds it will probably be some BS about how "love" is wrong in this context, rather than owning up to their mistakes. I live in Moscow and Russians can never admit when they are wrong.

Probably this comment will be deleted and I will be banned from making comments, again. Это Россия


"I like to try various cakes" not accpeted. Reported.

Katzner Russian-English dictionary defines разный as "different, various"

Wiktionary defines it as: different, diverse, unlike, various, varied


Something is wrong with this exercise


Hellou I wrote translation like here above: "I like to try different cakes." and was inform that right sentence is: "I like sampling different cakes." Are you creazy ?? or me ???


This is basically my motto.


"I like to taste various cakes" should be accepted


Am I right in thinking that разные is referring to a variety whereas другие means "other than the current one"? So a more verbose form of Я люблю пробовать другие торты would be "I like to try other cakes, different from those which are in front of me right now"?


can торт be translated by pie instead of cake? Duolinguo is rejecting it.


Is probowat in the sense of tasting a cake or making a cake?


I love how it uses the word love and then marks it wrong when you use the word love

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