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More methods to practice conversation

This has probably been mentioned at some point already but since I didn't find a post I'd like to suggest this. I'm hoping to be able to get more conversation practice.

Perhaps it would help to create a chat system where people can only voice chat but not video chat. I know how tempting it is to make video chat also available but I highly suggest against it in order to protect the integrity of this website. I have used other language learning sites such as livemocha, who does provide video chat as an option. What ended up happening was that I only wanted to practice and improve a language as I thought other people on the site would too, but people kept on asking to webcam and there was an uncomfortable amount of pressure as if it was eharmony and not a language learning center.

That's my thought on putting in a chat system. In terms of creating effective conversation exercises within the program, I'm not a linguist nor am I a designer, so I will leave the brain storming to you guys.


January 15, 2013



Just allow for a system that is simple for we more elderly members of Duolingo who are not so comfortable with "gaming" or how to do it....but I do like the idea of voice chats....certainly not video as I'm usually just up in the morning when I do my Duolingo stuff....not a pretty sight!


I couldn't agree more! What's wrong with something like an old-fashioned telephone chat? If you concentrate on speaking a foreing language as best as you can, it will not be boring!


I completely agree! Then you won't be distracted by the thoughts of "gee I wonder how I look right now" :)


I completely agree with the whole voice chat not video chat idea. The only problem is that is can be a bit boring to just talk to somebody you can't see. Maybe duolingo can make like a voice chat room with little movable avatars in their own little world or something so that different characters can interact while still talking.


I definitely see a lot of game factors in this site. Now all we need is a way to level up, and spend the points in something interesting (perhaps visual) =P


I totally agree with you


Good ideas guys. Maybe you could buy into the avatar video chat room to practice with your points youve earned

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