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Assignments getting completed in the wrong order

I have posted assignments due every Monday for my students for the rest of the quarter. I see today that the XP that they have been assigned are being applied to the assignment dated the farthest in the future and that the assignment due today says that none of the students have completed it. Is this a glitch or can we not post multiple assignments to the same class?

February 1, 2016



I've encountered this problem, too. I had to delete everything I'd entered and plan to RE-enter the assignments each Monday. It's a major pain to do it this way. It seems logical to me for assignments to be "credited" in the order they were created until they were completed or the due date passed. I don't understand why that doesn't just automatically happen.


I have experienced this issue too. In the course we are following a specific schedule, so I would like that student take some practice on specific assignment. Unfortunately, it seems that the students need to take a long series of exercises before. Is there a way the students can just do the specific assignment and get credit for that? Many thanks for your answer and help.

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