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  5. "De sitter och äter."

"De sitter och äter."

Translation:They are sitting and eating.

February 1, 2016



I'm trying to work out how to use the continuous tense for posing questions.

Let's take the example Simmar de?

Now in English this same question can be translated to 2 different things, Do you swim? (in general) & Are you swimming? (right now)

How would I pose the question, Are you swimming (right now)? in Swedish/using this continuous tempus?

Would it be: Håller du på att simma?

It doesn't seem right to use ligger/sitter/står so I'm guessing håller is a good starting point.

(I'm giving a presentation on this very thing tomorrow at school so any speedy help would be greatly appreciated!)

Tack så mycket :)


Would it be: Håller du på att simma?

Yes! Well done, have an invisible cookie. :)


Tack! Jag har gjort presentationen nu och den gick ganska bra :)


So this is only used if they are sitting? So if they eat something on the way to the office how would you say it?


If they were eating while they were going, you would say "De går/åker och äter".


To my ear, De går och äter sounds as if they are on their way to go and eat somewhere and not that they are in the process of eating while walking.


"So this is only used if they are sitting?" Nope, de/dom går, står, sitter, ligger, simmar, åker tåg, flyger, seglar, kör bil, cyklar och alla kan äta samtidigt. :-)

You can say: "Dom äter något på vägen till kontoret".

In writing it is common to use "De" instead of "Dom", so: "De äter något på vägen till kontoret".

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When this is spoken as a sentence by TTS, it sounds (to me) that 'och' is reduced to an 'o' sound (in English). Would this be correct in normal speech? It seems to happen in other sentences as well.


Yes, correct in spoken and not so formal Swedish, that is common, The sound/letter in Swedish would be the: "å"

She says "Dom sitter å äter"

BTW, the "äter" word sounds terrible here in the speach engine (2016_0404) should not be "Ä--ter" , it is to stretched out, or someting.. It is not right.


You can get a lot of free voice examples from swedish radio chanel 1 (Program 1 , P1) For example this article, with text + you can at the same time listen to a Readers voice. sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83=6403952 [edit, Oops.., duolingo did not like that link, you have to use the shortform instead: http://t.sr.se/1PQJf0f ].

He dont use 100% the same words as in the text, but close. "Under den tidiga morgonen hördes intensiv skottlossning i Barazzavilles södra del kallad Makelekele som är lite av ett fäste för oppositionen. Periodvis hördes skotten över Kongo-floden till Kinshasa i grannlandet.

Vittnen rapporterar om beväpnade män som öppnade eld mot polis och militär och att minst två polisstationer satts i brand. Det talas också om att många flytt området mot de centrala delarna av staden. "

, You can also find MANY other nice programs at the P1-site: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/kanalprogramlista.aspx?programid=132 , One program "Språket" ("The language") for example. But this is sometimes advanced level even for the Swedish people, Many write and call in to this program to get help to sort out things that we dont agree on, dialects can be interesting.. :-) , The Newschannel "Klartext" , a bit slower speaking and they try to use not to complicated words, so this one might be good for learning: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt?programid=493


I put 'they are sitting , eating' which is acceptable in English, but it was marked as wrong and should have been ' they are sitting and eating' Although this is a direct translation, the 'and' is not necessarily used in every day English


The problem is that while it's "eating" in both cases in English, the Swedish equivalent of "They are sitting, eating" is an advanced construction we don't teach in the course (because it's rare, and, well - advanced). It'd be De sitter, ätande or De äter sittandes. I'd highly recommend not actually using the first form in everyday Swedish.

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