"Kupcie coś ode mnie."

Translation:Buy something from me.

February 1, 2016

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Why is it "ode" and not "od"?


This is a variant of "od" which occurs in only a few situations. The most common expressions are "ode mnie" and "ode złego" (which occurs in Lord's Prayer). Analogously, we say "beze mnie" (without me) but in other cases it is just "bez" (without).


I think that this has got to do with the follow-up word, which apparently has two consecutive consonants in the beginning, which thus requires the prolonged preposition, in order to ease pronunciation.


Why cant it be "buy me something"


Because it's totally different. In the Polish sentence, I am selling something and I want people to buy something from me. Not buy something for me.


I would always say "Buy something OFF me." Might be regional (North of England).


I agree. There is no difference in meaning between buy something from me and buy something off me.


In meaning, probably not. But we believe that it might be too regional to accept it.


To me, this sounds more as if you forcefully tried to get rid of something by asking others to buy it off you, i.e. to take it away from you. What I mean to say is that it sounds as if you asked others to take something nefarious of you, like a heavy burden, or an illness. It does not sound the same to me with regards to the original sentence, and also misleading for those who are unfamiliar with the regionalism, so that I would not add it if I were a moderator. Regionalisms are particularly problematic when the product itself targets an international community, many of which have learnt the English language in school, as a second or third (...) language. We all do better when sticking to standard varieties.


RU: Kupitie ćto-to ot mienia.


I have written a correct answer but it is not being accepted!!!


That does happen sometimes, unfortunately.


Surelyod would be well understood


"od mnie"? Even for a Polish person it's hard to pronounce.


Her 'ode' sounds like 'obe'.


I hear clear "ode"...

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