"Nac ydy, dydy hi ddim yn niwlog."

Translation:No, it is not foggy.

February 1, 2016

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I want to see if I got it:

mae - positive

dydy - negative

(Not sure what interrogative is)


Also, what dialect is this?


I think this sentence isn't just one dialect mae and dydy are regular throughout Wales I believe. Ydy is the interrogative, so "Mae hi'n ferch brydferth."="She is a beautiful girl." "Dydy hi ddim yn ferch brydferth."="she isn't a beautiful girl." and "Ydy hi'n ferch brydferth?"="Is she a beautiful girl?


What about negative questions, e.g. ‘Isn’t she a beautiful girl’?

Also, is there some kind of logic to latch onto here, or is it that irregular?


There is a conjugation table in the "tips and notes" area for the "Wanting 2" skill that should answer your question if I recall correctly.


"No, it has not foggy"? Who checked this?


So translations are disputable I suppose but "No it has not foggy" is just not English.


That's not in the system so it's probably a glitch.


That's right - recently, the underlying Duo software seems to have developed a bug whereby "it's" can always be expanded to "it has" regardless of the context of the sentence. We will just have to wait for it to be fixed - it is not something that the course teams can do.

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