"Do you want parsnips?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau pannas?

February 1, 2016

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Does anyone know why it is 'Wyt ti'n bwyta blodfresych?' with an 'n' but 'Wyt ti eisiau pannas' without an 'n'?


Because with 'eisiau' there is no use of 'yn', which changes to 'n'. (Below you can see the 'yn' in the negative because 'ddim' comes between the pronoun and the verb.)

Wyt ti'n bwyta pannas? = Are you eating parsnips? Dwyt ti ddim yn bwyta pannas = I am not eating parsnips.

With 'eisiau':

Wyt ti eisiau pannas? = Do you want parsnips? Dwyt ti ddim eisiau pannas = I do not want parsnips.


So it is because of 'eisiau'. Diolch, dw i'n deall nawr.


Mae Owen eisiau pannas!

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