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the coin display and the streak seem to be based on different time zones


I am currently in Germany and thus have a 6 hour difference to my "standard"US eastern time zone. I have noticed that the 'coins stacks' for the different days seem to correspond to the time zone I am currently in (i.e. they seem to adjust with the time zone my computer is in), while the streak counter still seems to be based on US time. I think I read somewhere that the streak counter is based on the time zone I was in when I signed up for DL.

I find that a bit confusing because I cannot check easily whether I have practiced a certain language within the 24 hour window that is relevant for my streak (of course I can check "streak extended today, but that only checks my overall streak. Not language specific streaks). It would be nice if this could be made consistent one way or another at some point. I am guessing not too many people are affected by it so it might not be a priority, but at the same time it might not be too difficult to fix either so I am putting this out there :)



December 22, 2013



Hey Franky! Your streak is based on the time zone you were in when you signed up. We're aware that this can be confusing when you enter a different time zone. We will work on this! Enjoy Germany :)


Thanks! Happy holidays to you guys - and great work with the presents! I'm enjoying everything very much :)

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