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"Eu não saio com homens, mas com mulheres em vez de."

January 15, 2013



"i go out" seems to be the best translation here.


"see" in the sense of "go out with", as in romantically?

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There's a detailed explanation here: http://duolingo.com/#!/comment/101060


"em vez de" should display the translation for instead, here i got "im time of". I never encountered that expression previously, so it's a bit frustrating to fail because of that.


anyone reported it? Erudis, thanx for the really useful explanation


This portuguese phrase is wrong...the correct way is "eu não saio com homens, mas em vez disso eu saio com mulheres"


I agree with scrir.

This sentence is completely wrong. Simply it does not exist in Portuguese. I reported it.

I agree with erudis too, when he said, 4 months ago:

"That phrase doesn't make sense in Portuguese. "Em vez de" is a comparative term, it needs an object after it, so it can't be used in the end of a sentence unless you use a pronoun like "isso" to identify an object you've previously mentioned. So it should be "Eu não saio com homens, mas com mulheres em vez disso." which still sounds a bit unnatural to me. The phrase "Eu saio com mulheres em vez de homens.", meaning I go out with women instead of men, would be a better way to say it."

He said that FOUR MONTHS ago, I repeat.



freak sentence!


It didn't like my '.......but with women instead' either


Right, "em vez de" would indicate "in place of" but in English "instead" would be a better translation.

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