"Wróg mojego wroga jest moim przyjacielem."

Translation:The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

February 2, 2016

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Just saying, this is a false statement that will get you into trouble every time. Know your history. :)


Why does Wróg change to wroga?


because first is in nominative and other in genitive-in this case implies possesion, Think of my enemy's enemy, enemy =wróg, my enemy's= mojego wroga. also przyjacielem is instrumental form of "przyjaciel"

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What got me on this one was that I left out the "of" .....other than deducing that it makes sense to put "of" in this sentence, and it's a known saying...how would I know to do that? Just trying to understand so that in future cases I'll know what to look for.


Well, I guess that mostly you just need to remember about correct English syntax. Some things just don't have an equivalent. Although using Genitive for "mojego wroga" already suggests there may be some "of".


I wrote 'the enemy of my foe' and I was marked wrong. I was merely using an alternative. Doubtless someone will tell me this sounds strange and is therefore unacceptable!


Why not, added.


Don't forget you're essentially talking to a computer...


How does "przyja-" sound like "shey"


p is there, but you may need some training in Polish to hear it

rz- sounds like Polish "sz" after "p", - thats almost English "sh"

y- is a vowel ( some prononciation guides say it's like English vovel y, other like "E" in rosEs)

j sounds like English "y"


I'm guessing it's that p that's throwing me off. I wish Polish Duolingo had a"test your pronunciation" so I could get real time feedback. :( thanks for the explanation though, I appreciate it.


Would this sentence really use przyjaciel, because the translation specifies that it means close (personal) friend. Would kolega or towarzysz work better with the sense of the expression? I am just trying to get a better sense of the native usage.


Hmmm. It's true that generally "przyjaciel" should be a close friend, but somehow I can't imagine any other word in this sentence. Any other is just not enough. Well, this sentence is an idiomatic exaggeration anyway...

"towarzysz" is rather a companion, or a comrade.


but... the enemy of my enemy can also be my enemy, just with something in common with me


There's a typo in accepted answer: An foe of my foe is my friend.


Thanks for reporting it. Fixed now.


Sorry I did translate it into german

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