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  5. "Do you like milk?"

"Do you like milk?"

Translation:Dach chi'n licio llefrith?

February 2, 2016



Is "Wyt ti" wrong, or am I being marked wrong because I forgot the 'n? The only difference between "Wyt ti" and "Dych chi" is the former is singular and the latter is plural right? Like when you're asking a group of people if they like milk?


Wyt ti'n hoffi llaeth? is an accepted translation.

The 'n is required to link the verb (wyt ti) to the verb-noun (hoffi) - see the course notes.


What is the difference between "lleffith" and "llaeth"? Diolch!


What is the difference between "lleffith" and "llaeth"?

No difference in meaning: they're both simply "milk".

You may hear one or the other depending on where in Wales you are, so it's best to understand both.

(Note the spelling: llefrith with -r-.)


I am glad it is nit that hard to understand, thanks!

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