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  5. "Ducks are animals."

"Ducks are animals."

Translation:Kaczki to zwierzęta.

February 2, 2016



why is kaczki są zwierzęta wrong? I thought it was that or kaczki to zwierzę.


You need nominative after TO (jest)/(są) , and instrumental after jest/są.

animal- singular is "zwierzę"-Nominative, "zwierzęciem"-instrumental

animals - plural is "zwierzęta"- nominative, "zwierzętami"- instrumental

Kaczka to zwierzę
Kaczka jest zwierzęciem
Kaczki to zwierzęta
Kaczki zwierzętami


You have some the most helpful remarks. Thank you.


This all hurts my brain! I was hoping to absorb all these funny rules toddler style but it is all starting to make sense and that helps, thank you! I do love clearly presented examples


Thanks. Nice explanation.


Thank you so so much, it was really helpful


which one of these is the most natural way to say the sentence. Like I know all of them mean the same thing, but is there a most natural way to say it.


One of the plural ones, I guess... I'd say it's a rare thing to need to say to someone, we all know that, so in a way none of them feels natural.


how do you put that in narzędnik? is it kaczki są zwierzęciami? or how do you do that?


Like immery said above:

Kaczki są zwierzętami


And why is Kaczki są duże and not kaczki to duże??? And exist nominative and imstrumental???


You cannot use the "to" construction if it is followed by an adjective, it has to be a noun phrase.

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167 for more info.


So in a conversation generally, if I say to you Kaczki są zwierzęta Would you understand what I mean. If yes, will be good enough for me


Well yes, but that's like the level of "Ducks is animals" or similar...


Well people from different regions would speak this way so I'm happy with that. Thank you


Well, you know that such an answer will never be accepted on Duolingo? Sure, I can understand the good sides of 'communicative approach' and the fact that your grammar doesn't have to be perfect to make the message come across, but with the way Duolingo works, we only can accept the grammatically correct answers ;)


why not kaczki sa zwierzeta?


Correctly will be "kaczki są zwierzętami". If you want to say "zwierzęta" it will be "kaczi to zwierzęta"


Why doesnt duo teach these rules? Its very hard to figure out why im getting things wrong if i never know why it's wtong. Im just hoping a very intelligent polish speaker posts a good explanation.


I'm not 100% sure which rules you are referring to, but I guess it's about "X is Y" constructions.

So here's exactly what you've been looking for, a good explanation by an intelligent Polish native:



To means these !! Then y aren't u accepting my annswer? Y'all r showing to means to means are !?


You used and didn't put the noun in the instrumental case.

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