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  5. "Dewi Lingo yw e."

"Dewi Lingo yw e."

Translation:He is Dewi Lingo.

February 2, 2016



As a speaker of Welsh English, it's hard not to write WE grammar such as "Dewi Lingo, he is"! Just goes to show how the Welsh language may have receded in parts of Wales, but the underlying grammar has stayed :) (which helps for regrasping Cymraeg!)


Because of being relatively closely related, a lot of the grammatical forms, mutations and sentence structures in Irish can also be seen in Welsh, which carries over into the English spoken in Ireland. This helps me in grasping Cymraeg!


In the south, is 'yw' also used to say 'yes'? Or would they use 'ydy' as an answer?

  • 2002

No, only 'ydy' is used for this.


In Welsh punctuation marks are slightly further away from the last letter of a sentence than they are in English. Does anyone know why ?

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