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  5. "Sie trinkt."

"Sie trinkt."

Translation:She drinks.

January 15, 2013

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Conjugating the verb "trinken" (to drink)

ich trinke = I drink / I am drinking

du trinkst = you drink / you are drinking (informal, addressing one person)

er/sie/es trinkt = he/she/it drinks / he/she/it is drinking

wir trinken = we drink / we are drinking

ihr trinkt = you drink / you are drinking (informal, addressing more than one person)

sie trinken = they drink / they are drinking

Sie (always capitalized) trinken = you drink / you are drinking (formal, addressing one or more people)

No continuous aspect

In German, there's no continuous aspect, i.e. there are no separate forms for "She drinks" and "She is drinking". There's only one form: Sie trinkt.

There's no such thing as Sie ist trinke or Sie ist trinken!

When translating into English, how can I tell whether to use the simple (She drinks) or the continuous form (She is drinking)?

Unless the context suggests otherwise, either form should be accepted.

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