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"Nyrs iechyd"

Translation:Health nurse

February 2, 2016



What is a "health nurse"?


No idea. I've never heard or seen the phrase "nyrs iechyd" in Welsh either!


Are they what are now called practice nurses in English? That is, they're the nurses attached to a doctor's surgery or health centre and who do routine tests and check-ups?


I know what you mean but no, that's nyrs practis!


Thanks. I was vaguely remembering that long before they become known as practice nurses, they were known as health nurses, but googling doesn't come up with anything, so my memory is suspect! :) However, google tells me you can have mental health nurses and occupational health nurses, so perhaps that's what the phrase is intended for?


Yeah I'm as baffled as you, but maybe you're on to something there: nyrs iechyd galwedigaethol (occupational health nurse) and nyrs iechyd meddwl (mental health nurse). You'd never come across nyrs iechyd though, which is why it sounds so strange.


Perhaps something they have in America? -if you've paid your health insurance?


nope, nothing like this in the US. We have NP's (who can treat simple illnesses and prescribe some meds) and LPN's but no health nurses


Why can't it be healthy nurse? Is that Nyrs inch?


It would be "nyrs iach" or "nyrs iachus". I'm not sure whether there is any difference between "iach" and "iachus" but Ap Geiriaduron says both mean "healthy".


Judging by the GPC entries (iach, iachus), iach is "healthy" like a person (i.e. the person has health), iachus is "healthy" like food (i.e. the food promotes health).

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