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"I am coming from the bar and I am going home."

Translation:Bardan geliyorum ve eve gidiyorum.

February 2, 2016



What about the -ip ending. It can be used for 've' (and) Bardan gelip eve gidiyorum. For all tenses it works the same. Dün akşam bardan gelip eve gittim.


It was just a forgotten translation. It has been added. :)


The subject in "Ben bardan geliyorum ve eve gidiyorum" does not trascend the "ve" ? is it somewhat ok to say "Ben bardan geliyorum ve ben eve gidiyor"?


you can skip the first ending, but never the second one. So you can say (although it is informal) "Ben bardan geliyor ve eve gidiyorum"


No that doesn't work. You could have said "Ben bardan geliyorum ve ben eve gidiyorum" but that wouldn't sound as good the original translation despite being grammatically correct.


Could you say "Bardan geliyorum ve eva gidiyorum?" Since it doesn't end in a vowel and doesn't need the buffer constonant "y".


The correct answer is "Bardan geliyorum ve eve gidiyorum." The ending of -(dan) in the word "bardan" shows that you are coming from the bar. The ending of -(e) in the word "eve" signifies that you are going home. You are going towards your house. Not "eva." That's not a word.


Is there an informal way to say it? As in, in everyday speech?


I believe that it would be "Bardan geliyor ve eve gidiyorum."


What is the difference between bara and bardan


Bara -

"Bara gidiyorum" I am going to the bar

Bardan - "Bardan geliyorum" I am coming from the bar


What are the rules to know whether it means "from (somewhere)" or "to (somewhere)"? I'm still a bit confused about it.

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